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Meditating with Essential Oils: Classes

Gone, far beyond where wisdom is, we align and rise.



a highly creative process!

it is vibrant, alive and deeply peaceful at the same time. it is a place where our senses and consciousness heighten and we can experience ourselves and the world around us from a place of love and beauty. it is a place of wisdom and insight, healing and connection.

i have been using essential oils in my personal meditation practice for a couple of years and feel excited to finally have created a framework in which i can share them in the classes. having taught meditation for over 15 years and working one to one with clients and organisations, i can confidentially assure you that they are adding massive value - physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

1. inhaling aromatic compounds connect you via the olfactory bulb straight to your "emotional brain" and can help you enter desired states of consciousness and emotions.

2. you can "anchor" or "learn to associate" scents with certain states of being. so if you meditate with a favorite oil and use it outside meditation you can draw upon those connections and let your mind, body ad spirit be taken into a peaceful and balanced state.

3. by using pure essential oils you will deepen your connection to nature and all the gifts she holds for you. 

What to expect in my classes?

I use guided visualization journeys to connect you with your most beautiful and loving self. They vary every week and come from an intuitive, sacred space of love which I enter when meditating. The images brought forward are guided and aligned with the consciousness and desires of the group and are therefore unique every time. within each journey you will follow a pattern, a sacred flow of anchoring, aligning and rising . you will learn. ;

1. How to anchor yourself, your dreams and desires.

2. How to align all that you are, through time and space so you can live your truth, who you came here to be.

3. How to rise and live your truth, feeling your beautiful unique self whilst being connected to creation and all that is.


Location: Rode Chapel

Time: 8pm to 9.30pm

We have warm and welcoming circles every Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. All classes are unique, guided journeys helping you find your gift and align with your purpose whilst deeply relaxing and recharging your nervous system. 


Every Thursday morning

Location: Woolley Grange Hotel, Bradford on Avon

Time: 9:45am to 10.45am

Have you ever meditated in a yurt? It's magical- so close to nature, we can hear the birds sing and watch the clouds pass by. No experience necessary and people from all walks of life are welcome. We use guided visualisation and relaxation techniques to de-stress, anchor and align with the beauty of this moment and our gifts. Julia has led meditation circles for over 15 years using her experience as a Hypnotherapist and intuitive insights to make each journey unique and aligned with the group. Essential oils will support and enhance your experiences of letting go and connecting to yourself and nature.

- Wear comfortable and warm clothes.