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Daily Oil Experiences

welcome to my daily oil experiences! the original idea was to record them daily, but to be honest it gets repetitive, so i am only recording when something pops up that i haven't shared before..

My wish is simple: bring the oils alive for you, get you to change your way of thinking about how you can use them as medicine for your body, mind and soul and make sure you understand what life changing little powerhouses they are to your wellbeing!

DoTerra for BRUISES

DoTerra for bruises: You can't take life too serious when you are hit by your own Buddha, I am sure this happened so I could share with you what essential oils to use for bruises :)

Doterra for herpes virus

It's heart breaking when your child is in pain. I cannot tell you how glad I was to have had the oils this week.

doterra photosensitive oils

If you are lucky enough to live in a hot country or enjoying a beautiful hot summer- or even going down a bright sunny skiing piste- this post is for you, a must watch!!

doterra stiff neck

Deep blue- a total life saver once again!

doterra makes beautiful perfumes

Better than perfumes: Let me tell you- I really don't like perfumes. BUT I love smelling oils on others and myself :) Make sure you get the real deal- pure, natural compounds lifting you high and higher.

doterra for sprained ankles

Noah sprained his ankle during tough mudder, just before the finishing line, can you believe it!!- find out what we did.


doterra inhaling toxic fumes

when you wonder who is poisoning the air and you realize its your car...

doterra cool & calm summer

We are celebrating the most amazing summer here in the UK. Past Tense blend from DoTerra gets me through...