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JUlia Jeremiah


i love a life of high vibrational beauty in harmony with nature

I want to see you rise, explore your edges, stand a little taller and commit to your own beauty and joy. I want you to be recognized in your full beauty! are you ready to be seen, to show your light, to live your potential? 


I know it's not always an easy ride! committing to an aligned way of life, to be true to yourself means radical honesty and welcoming contrast with open arms. I have experienced hard and challenging times in my life and with each breath that helps me to rise, my passion grows to be part of a collective rise in consciousness and way of living. Have a look at my video below to find out more about my story.

aligning my life and business with doTerra's oils has brought everything together, which for me stands for a new world. a world where we share, care and support each other- embracing every living being. a world where our actions let others grow and thrive. i invite you to grow, learn and play with me. let's recognize our own and each others beauty for a joyful and ever expanding life.

with smiles and love


my projects:

founder and board member at Lumiar UK ( a project based school in the south west of england.

founder of onebreath transformation, a unique meditation system for heart alignment.

My background:

Dip. Psychologist. Dip occupational therapist, adv. hypnotherapist, reiki master, adv theta practitioner and teacher, reiki master, sound healer.